Finding somewhere to go after a natural disaster is a challenge for many families. For this reason, local community services and emergency relief providers make relocating families a major part of their safety plan. While a person can be sure that others will help them during the first few days after a natural disaster, it is important to have a few ideas in mind for how they will survive.

Natural disasters occur all over the world and can leave Read the rest of this entry »


The Process of Lactation

Infants usually have no problem understanding how to nurse immediately after birth. However, there are infants with health difficulties who have problems learning to suckle a mother’s milk correctly. Lactation is the process of a mother’s milk developing in mammary glands immediately after birth. The milk ducts are stimulated by hormones such as estrogen, prolactin and progesterone toward the end of a pregnancy to produce a nourishing liquid. An infant is born instinctively knowing how to suckle to begin receiving essential nutrients. Premature babies often have Read the rest of this entry »


Teenagers may not possess every skill needed for exceptional parenting, but they have the potential to develop the skills they lack. All it takes to turn an uninformed, inexperienced teenager into an adequate, loving parent is access to ongoing support and training.

Residential Homes for Young Parents

Many communities offer residential facilities that help teenage mothers learn new skills and adapt to their role as parents. This is a great opportunity for single mothers who Read the rest of this entry »


If a child depends on you for safety, nourishment, cleanliness, and comfort, it is your job to ensure you know how to meet all of their needs. This responsibility is not limited to parents and grandparents. It extends to nannies, babysitters, and employees of childcare facilities or afterschool day care facilities.

You may think you naturally have the skills to take care of children, but every childcare provider and parent can use some pointers on how to handle stressful situations while balancing the demands of childcare and Read the rest of this entry »


The programs, resources and assistance that can be made available to low-income families can make a world of difference when it comes to finding the best housing solution available. Lacking the means and finances to effectively provide for your family can be a very frustrating and unfortunate problem for those facing it. Learning where to seek out the assistance and other resources that you may be entitled to can expand your options and ensure that your efforts are met with greater success. Finding a more affordable Read the rest of this entry »


Talking to someone about your pain may be the last thing you want to do after losing someone special to you. In fact, it may feel impossible to take the pain that aches throughout your body and put it into words that someone else can understand. It may seem like crying into your pillow and finding distractions is the best approach to the grieving process, but eventually you will need to consider a bereavement counselor.

Talking to a trained counselor who specializes in bereavement is different Read the rest of this entry »

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